A tremendous new show I’ve been watching is Louis, where we get to spend 30 minutes each week in what’s possibly a not so far from reality world of comedian Louis C.K. At the time of this writing, episode 07 isn’t on the page of the first link but it’ll probably appear after episode 08 [...]

Pick Your Poison

The following is a fictional exchange based on recent conversations I’ve had with a few people. I think everything happens for a reason. – I think you’re an adult and don’t need to play pretend anymore. What does that mean? – It means stop pretending that the shit that just happened was for some greater [...]

Gawd Does Hate the Gay

It’s official! With Nashville underwater, we see now how such a thing could happen. Chely Wright is gay. CLEARLY the wrath of Gawd is evident, and it must have been devastating for Him to do this since you know Country is the official music of Gawd (or so I’m told). Sure, women not wearing burkas [...]

Faith vs. Trust

Spiritual atheism? Wtf is that? Well see for yourself. The articles vary between cutely comical and flat out ridiculous. I want to take a moment to address one in particular entitled, Do Atheists Even Know They Are Religious?. Now let first say that this, like many of his articles, start with a good point and [...]

Ghosts for sale

What can you say about this? A woman sold two captured ghosts for roughly $2000US. Man, I gotta get in on this stuff. There are people making a fortune online selling things with Jesus faces, Mary faces, images of the ghost of Michael Jackson, but this really is clever. I don’t think I would have [...]