Have a Merry Slayer Christmas!

Jesus Toast

Found by way of Gizmodo. Pretty funny take on the whole ‘I see Jesus in my (insert object)’ nonsense.

End of the world

Today is the day all the annoying Christians will disappear off the face of the Earth and we can claim their stuff left behind. Unfortunately for some of us, we live in areas where there aren’t that many “Rapture-Ready” people, so it’s going to be quite a fight this weekend. The prizes will be few [...]

Saga of Biorn

I just found this animation online, and I’m posting it here because of the hilarious (or sad, depending on how you look at it) ending.

FRC Survey

First off, I’m not dead yet, just very busy. That, plus a tremendous feeling of “what’s the fucking point” with ranting over religion and religious loons has kept me from blogging, although I do still occasionally mix it up with the loons on others’ blogs. I also respond to emails, and today I got an [...]