Religious Exploitation

I often refer to religious belief as an indulgence comparable to drugs, alcohol, or even excessive or unhealthy eating. However, the thing which I don’t find associated with those other indulgences to anywhere near the level in religious indulgence is the compulsion to get others to indulge by whatever means necessary. Sure, alcoholics will try [...]

Comically Subjective

I get Google alerts for news items with words like “atheism” in them, and today I say this nonsense by some clown who I assume fancies himself as a conservative intellectual (arguably an oxymoron). He’s also, apparently, a Christian. So who do you think this Christian conservative intellectual would choose to attack in an article? [...]

Look Both Ways Before You Believe

A puzzling, yet rather common tactic of the religious is to try and paint atheism as being comparable to a religion, with its members as fundamentalists and the whole basis of it rooted in faith. Many even don’t stop at mere comparison, they declare outright that atheism is a religion. What I find puzzling about [...]

Why I’m Not An Atheist

I’ve engaged in religious discussions long enough now that I think I could write a book for the other side. I’d call it, “Why I’m Not An Atheist” and fill it with ridiculously fallacious arguments that would appeal to anyone who wanted to feel good about their belief in an imaginary friend, or even to [...]

Atheism isn’t supported by any evidence

After seeing the confused and incorrect statement that “atheism isn’t supported by evidence” for the umpteenth time, I thought I’d simply write a fairly lengthy response in hopes of allowing me to either copy/paste or merely post a link the next gazillion times I see it posted somewhere… When one makes a claim, they have [...]