God is not American

An age old marketing goal is to make your product a necessity, and one way to achieve that is to glom on to a pre-existing product in some way. I’m not talking about making plugins for a major software application, creating apps and accessories for iPhones, or even making bed liners and other items for [...]

Hey, I’m just like Brad Pitt

It seems that aside from being clever atheists who have hot wives, Brad Pitt and I have more in common than I had imagined. In response to the questions of his running for mayor of New Orleans on the Today show, he revealed the even greater similarities… “I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, [...]

A molotov for morons, part 1

I had the misfortune of viewing this awful video by a clown calling himself “Molotov Mitchell” entitled “The faith of the atheist”. Now perhaps your reaction after viewing it is, “what a moron” but actually, I think he’s rather clever. Unfortunately, his cleverness is based on the belief that his target audience is comprised of [...]

Nude Nymph a No-No in Alabama

How does Christianity harm? Well here’s one way, a vineyard can’t sell its wine in Alabama because the label is considered pornographic. That’s right, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board finds the “gorgeous piece of work” which is the label for Cycles Gladiator wine in violation of its prohibition on labels with “a person posed [...]

Again with churches’ tax exemptions

Last year, a clever mansion owner in Chicago tried to get out of paying the $80,000 in property taxes he owed by claiming his estate was actually a church, therefore exempt from property taxes. He got his exemption, temporarily, until the matter was investigated but now Illinois has decided his mansion doesn’t qualify as a [...]