Religion Immunization

A new study published in Science (I became aware of it via Gizmodo) shows it could be possible to block the emotional recording of a memory. Lots of interesting possibilities for such a thing, but imagine if this were a pill and you took it prior to some religious event. The root of religious subscription [...]

Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Look Both Ways Before You Believe

A puzzling, yet rather common tactic of the religious is to try and paint atheism as being comparable to a religion, with its members as fundamentalists and the whole basis of it rooted in faith. Many even don’t stop at mere comparison, they declare outright that atheism is a religion. What I find puzzling about [...]

More work for the religious this week

Tough week for the fanatically religious who believe such things as this world being uniquely created just for us by their god in order for us to exist and live (and of course spend that time praising him and procreating as much as possible to create a multitude of worshippers). I suppose they feel a [...]

No, you probably just have gas

A new study suggests all those bright lights, tunnels and angels you hear people who have had near death experiences describe are all due to gas, specifically too much C02. “We found that in those patients who experienced the phenomenon, blood carbon-dioxide levels were significantly higher than in those who did not,” said team member [...]