This article pissed me off, because it really boils down to rights, and what’s ultimately at the heart of establishing rights? Respect for others. You can’t function as a society without a respect for the rest of society. There’s just a tremendous amount of selfishness today. What grabbed me about the article was the idea [...]

Like a bunch of children

Any time I mention that atheists are in a better position to protect religious freedom in this country, the religious balk and go into fits of hysteria. How can a group of people opposed to something be its best protectors? The problem the religious have is one of equivocation. I didn’t say atheists were the [...]

American Myths

I just caught this over morning coffee and had to respond. The willful ignorance of many in this country to both believe what’s demonstrably false and to forward this Christian theocracy goal in direct opposition to our constitution and in light of both how theocracies generally fare and the grave division between the various Christian [...]

Faulty Presuppositions

This was in my Google alert today. There’s nothing more sad than a faith indulger trying to use logic to champion his indulgence. To cut to the chase, the author cites the constitution as well as Jefferson and others in an attempt argue that prohibiting school lead prayer is actually unconstitutional. As is often the [...]

Faith Is An Indulgence

I regularly refer to holding beliefs and making decisions on faith as an indulgence, but was recently asked to clarify. Webster’s defines indulgence as taking unrestrained pleasure in something, yielding to the desire from it. Faith is not a means to knowledge and as such, decisions based on them are not informed, not logically warranted. [...]