Prayer is NOT Proactive

I don’t want to be yet another person writing about the shootings in Connecticut, let alone one of the many exploiting that event as a means to push my “agenda”. What I’m responding to is someone else’s claims to the value of prayer, as if it would not only help in the aftermath of that [...]

Believer Brain Twisting

Occasionally I get sucked into posts that my Google alerts find me, and recently I got sucked into this one. I think what may annoy me the most about religious postings is the attempt to justify belief through logic. The post is about the Ontological argument of St. Anselm. Aside from the amusement of the [...]

Pity Nick Zuccarello

Why should anyone have to pity a talented artist who’s been employed as such for over a decade? Because he’s in the grips of an ugly self indulgence and his indulgence is anything but a mere self indulgence. Everyone reading this likely has at least one self indulgence. Maybe it’s chocolate. Maybe it’s fatty food. [...]

Reason Rally Not A Religious Revival

The following is a response to a point the Chaplain raised. She felt the Reason Rally was comparable to those old Billy Graham revivals and thus, a religious event with attendees having what looked to her as a religious experience. Chaplain, I think you’ve enter the “atheism is a religion” fallacy. This Saturday you’ll have [...]

Apologists don’t like fair fights

In my previous post I addressed the flaw in the religious assertion of objective morality due not by any failing of the tenets of that morality nor the most common objection which is to challenge whether this god (or gods) even exists, but by the very practical problem of demonstrating that the morality alleged to [...]