Hey, I’m just like Brad Pitt

It seems that aside from being clever atheists who have hot wives, Brad Pitt and I have more in common than I had imagined. In response to the questions of his running for mayor of New Orleans on the Today show, he revealed the even greater similarities… “I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, [...]

Today’s Douche – Jerry Jackson

Today’s douche is one Jerry Jackson, author of this crap which is a mix of right wing and religious right talking points. According to Jerry, the nation is going to hell thanks to secular progressives (prophesied by the wise one, Bill O’Reilly), and oh btw, secular progressive is code for atheists, who are inherently evil. [...]

In Defense of Same Sex Marriage

I want to take a moment and address some of the arguments against same sex marriage. I’ve argued with different people at different times over some of these arguments, but I thought I’d try and compile as many of them as I can in one place. The inspiration was The Chaplain’s great post about the [...]

"Inclusive", huh?

If I hear “inclusive” one more time, I’m gonna fucking hurl. Am I the only one who noticed that prior to Obama giving his speech Tuesday night, some minister went out to the podium to lead the crowd in prayer? Yeah, that’s inclusive alright. I wonder if he managed to keep from invoking Jesus, something [...]

Remember Caesar Rodney, and viva Delaware!

I just returned from voting. Actually, I just returned from voting and stopping at my bank. 20 minutes of errands to start my day – vote for the next leader of the free world and other local leaders and go deposit a check. Pretty quick and simple. Quite a far cry from the effort of [...]