Believer Brain Twisting

Occasionally I get sucked into posts that my Google alerts find me, and recently I got sucked into this one. I think what may annoy me the most about religious postings is the attempt to justify belief through logic. The post is about the Ontological argument of St. Anselm. Aside from the amusement of the [...]

Atheist Worldview?

Here’s a bugaboo – the “atheist worldview”. Does it exist or not? Certainly the religious claim it does, but much like their god claims, when pushed to justify them they usually resort to either tangential arguments or naked assertions. Atheists generally discount its existence, and will take objection to the assertions of the religious that [...]

This damnable Lifeguard and his memes. So here’s my response to his second tag, to list seven facts about a favorite historical figure. Well fine, I of course pick Nietzsche. I love Nietzsche for his balls out attacks on virtually everything, his ceaseless questioning, his radical ideas and his astute psychological observations of humanity. I [...]

Valuation of an Idea

Well it’s a bit of a windy road that leads me to writing today. It would probably be of some benefit to you to first travel down that road before reading what I say below. The road starts with a post by the Spanish Inquisitor here, then leads to here as a theist stop and [...]