Disengaging the auto-pilot

Have you ever tried to show someone how to play a video game you especially like and when asked how you do certain things in the game, you can’t answer at first? Did you have to actually do it and look down at the controller to see what you’re doing in order to answer? How [...]

Let’s Jam!

Three years ago today, I gave this blogging thing a go. Well I haven’t given up yet on the blogging, but I have given up on Blogger. There was some shit with Blogger a couple of weeks ago and that was the proverbial straw that broke the back of my stalling to get the fuck [...]

Chiefs Already in Midseason Form

No not the KC Chiefs, the Chief family (the KC Chiefs are gonna be kinda stinky this year). One away and two home preseason contests and we’re looking ready for the 2008 season. An away game in Maine truly threw this Chief. Away from my home field advantages of “The Performa”, hardwood charcoal and specialty [...]

Chief Vacation

Tomorrow I embark on a rare exercise – vacation. Yes, the Chief is rarely far from his native land, this desk, but it’s been said that breaks are necessary so off I go with Mrs. Chief and her folks to the happy hunting ground of Maine, where tasty ocean critters called lobsters are in abundance. [...]

End of Year 1

So guess what? Exactly one year ago Wednesday I started this blog. It’s been quite a year I think. I started it as a means to vent and later to work out some ideas. Well I’m now participating in a podcast (actually, after seeing the Four Horsemen video of Harris, Dawkins, Dennet and Hitchens chatting [...]