Chiefs Defense Defeats Jesus & Broncos

As if astride chariots of iron, the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense soundly defeated the Broncos in Denver yesterday. They did it by exposing Tebow, aka Jesus or “The Mile High Messiah” for what he is, an under-talented, over-hyped player. The fascination with this clown was prompted by his in your face religiosity coupled with his [...]

More of Momma Chief’s Religious Wisdom

I’ve mentioned before some interesting remarks my mom has made concerning religion, but recently she dropped this one while I was driving so it was extremely difficult to stay focused on the road afterwards. All she does is find the passages that support what she thinks and repeats them. If it says that stuff in [...]

Pick Your Poison

The following is a fictional exchange based on recent conversations I’ve had with a few people. I think everything happens for a reason. – I think you’re an adult and don’t need to play pretend anymore. What does that mean? – It means stop pretending that the shit that just happened was for some greater [...]

Real Estate Woes

Recently, the wife and I started looking again for a house. New job, interest rates super low (and possibly going lower) and prices still dropping to sell, we figured it was time. We’ve looked before, and have slowly educated ourselves about the real estate process, mortgages, and home issues plus we’ve watching copious amounts of [...]

Dio is Dead

A piece of me died today. The wonderfully leather-lunged, tiny, campy man of metal and magic, Ronnie James Dio, is dead. I remember seeing him a number of times while in high school. I loved his voice and all the music he was a part of, from Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and into his own [...]