Christians Have No Credible Arguments

The following is a response to this letter from the Oklahoma Daily claiming atheists need stronger aruments. No atheist says life is meaningless. Meaning is personal and subjective. We assign meaning and value to life. Even for the Christian, to accept a religion’s assignment of value and meaning is still a choice. Look again at [...]

I gots ya evidence right here, pal

Since I say that demonstrable evidence is required before a claim can be rationally accepted, it’s only fair that when someone offers what they believe to be evidence, I should take some time to examine it. Well I was given this link to a lecture by one Dr. J.P. Moreland creatively entitled “The Evidence for [...]

But The Central Core is Good

The following is in response to a comment made by a UK atheist who thinks the central message of Christianity is good, full of pacifism and the basis for the Welfare state. I suspect that in the UK, Christianity is not quite the same beast as it is here in the States. Be that as [...]

Hearing what you want to hear.

In a very rare moment away from work, I looked through my emails and saw a rather silly article posted by a student who insists not only that religion is necessary for morality, but that Christopher Hitchens said so. Talk about hearing what you want to hear. Most of the comments to his article obviously [...]

Multi-pronged wrong

I’m not sure if you need an account to read this comment someone left in response to one of mine from some time ago, but just in case, I’ll quote it here. It exhibits multiple layers of wrong-headedness including atheism is a religion, which includes deceptively stretching a definition and then doing a bait and [...]