American Myths

I just caught this over morning coffee and had to respond. The willful ignorance of many in this country to both believe what’s demonstrably false and to forward this Christian theocracy goal in direct opposition to our constitution and in light of both how theocracies generally fare and the grave division between the various Christian [...]

What I find amazing during December is how angry Christians get. Why do they get so angry if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”? Why should they care if I go to church or don’t participate in nor respect religious activities in December? Why must everyone be forced to see a nativity scene and also make [...]

Real American Sermon

I came across this ridiculous article from Texas where some fat, ignorant Councilman is proposing starting meetings with a prayer. As obnoxious as that is, the article was worse, suggesting the only obstacle is merely upsetting atheists, and then there are the ignorant commenters. So I figured for this red state full of “real” Americans, [...]

Wrong on both sides

Quite a head scratcher here the other day in Philadelphia. We had Geert Wilders of Fitna fame come to give a speech, invited by conservative Republicans. You see as good Christians, they love anyone who not only bashes Islam, but actually is working to outlaw and censor it, which is what he’s trying to do [...]

They’re out of control

So we have 5th graders facing jail time for accessing porn on library computers and showing it to their classmates. We also have underage kids facing jail time and being forever labeled as sex offenders for sending racy pictures of themselves to their friends over the internet. Corruption of minors, indecent exposure and of course [...]