What’s the point?

I just noticed this ridiculous bit of so-called journalism. Ok, it’s listed as opinion but it’s written by a journalism major. Christ, you think journalism is in bad shape now, if this kid is a glimpse of the future, we’re fucked. Now you might have noticed that I’m not writings as much these days. That’s [...]

They’re out of control

So we have 5th graders facing jail time for accessing porn on library computers and showing it to their classmates. We also have underage kids facing jail time and being forever labeled as sex offenders for sending racy pictures of themselves to their friends over the internet. Corruption of minors, indecent exposure and of course [...]

More on Millennials

I know, I know, why keep beating up on these kids? Because it must be done and as much as I’d like to walk away, I”m pulled back constantly. Ok, first I should mention that part two of the article I first referred to has come out this week. What’s fun is this article shares [...]

Punk Ass Millenials

I came across this today concerning what are being called the “Millenials” (I call them “punk asses”, or “kiddies” when I’m feeling nice), the generation born after 1981. I for a long time used Star Wars as the line of demarkation. If you didn’t see the first two Star Wars films (and by first I [...]