What I find amazing during December is how angry Christians get. Why do they get so angry if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”? Why should they care if I go to church or don’t participate in nor respect religious activities in December? Why must everyone be forced to see a nativity scene and also make [...]

Lacking Empathy

I still get asked to explain how the Christian variant of the Golden Rule discourages empathy, even though I wrote this before. That’s fine, I can elaborate if need be. My last prompting was from an anti-gay Christian going by the name of Barb who couldn’t fathom how the CGR discouraged empathy. The Christian variant [...]

A question often asked by the religious to atheists is, “what keeps you from just going around killing people?” To which the snarky reply is usually, “so are you saying that your religion is the only thing keeping you from killing people?” What I fear is that question is actually not that snarky, but actually [...]

Oh New Jersey, you’re the source of such amusement. According to this story, a gay guy went to have his fortune read and what did he hear? That he was going to burn in hell. Faaaabulous! Of course the customer didn’t much care for the prognostication, and that’s when the hilarity ensued. A born-again Christian, [...]