But The Central Core is Good

The following is in response to a comment made by a UK atheist who thinks the central message of Christianity is good, full of pacifism and the basis for the Welfare state. I suspect that in the UK, Christianity is not quite the same beast as it is here in the States. Be that as [...]

Faith is a decision to indulge

I just read this ridiculous article where atheists are not only falsely vilified for the age old religious charge of “lacking” the capacity for faith, but we’re essentially compared to psychopaths and sociopaths. I’ve tried to address this “lacking” issue before, but religious arguments never die no matter how much you dismantle them. Much like [...]

Comically Subjective

I get Google alerts for news items with words like “atheism” in them, and today I say this nonsense by some clown who I assume fancies himself as a conservative intellectual (arguably an oxymoron). He’s also, apparently, a Christian. So who do you think this Christian conservative intellectual would choose to attack in an article? [...]

What I find amazing during December is how angry Christians get. Why do they get so angry if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”? Why should they care if I go to church or don’t participate in nor respect religious activities in December? Why must everyone be forced to see a nativity scene and also make [...]

Look Both Ways Before You Believe

A puzzling, yet rather common tactic of the religious is to try and paint atheism as being comparable to a religion, with its members as fundamentalists and the whole basis of it rooted in faith. Many even don’t stop at mere comparison, they declare outright that atheism is a religion. What I find puzzling about [...]