Prayer is NOT Proactive

I don’t want to be yet another person writing about the shootings in Connecticut, let alone one of the many exploiting that event as a means to push my “agenda”. What I’m responding to is someone else’s claims to the value of prayer, as if it would not only help in the aftermath of that [...]

Believer Brain Twisting

Occasionally I get sucked into posts that my Google alerts find me, and recently I got sucked into this one. I think what may annoy me the most about religious postings is the attempt to justify belief through logic. The post is about the Ontological argument of St. Anselm. Aside from the amusement of the [...]

Agnostics are either confused or irrational

Consider the following claim: the universe is filled with blrbles, but blrbles are impossible to detect. I know I would first ask how the claimant knows of these blrbles if they’re impossible to detect. If no answer given is satisfactory, then I reject the claim. I’m willing to accept that there may be blrbles, but [...]

Faith Is An Indulgence

I regularly refer to holding beliefs and making decisions on faith as an indulgence, but was recently asked to clarify. Webster’s defines indulgence as taking unrestrained pleasure in something, yielding to the desire from it. Faith is not a means to knowledge and as such, decisions based on them are not informed, not logically warranted. [...]

This is one of those mindlessly stupid arguments made by the faith junkies in an attempt to both make their addiction appear rational AND discredit those who, rightly so, label them irrational. It’s the old science didn’t see that coming argument. It goes something like this… According to science, the ancient Greeks were irrational for [...]