Undercover Atheist

I doubt I’m the first one to comment on this story in the atheosphere, where an atheist went undercover in Jerry Falwell’s church. I’m sure her tale is quite fascinating, but there’s two things I want to comment about it. The first is Gina’s comment here… “I think I am fundamentally lacking in whatever chamber [...]

Real American Sermon

I came across this ridiculous article from Texas where some fat, ignorant Councilman is proposing starting meetings with a prayer. As obnoxious as that is, the article was worse, suggesting the only obstacle is merely upsetting atheists, and then there are the ignorant commenters. So I figured for this red state full of “real” Americans, [...]

Christian “charity” in Haiti

Well we non-religious make a stink about the strings usually attached to Christian charity such as proselytizing to those in need receiving the charity. What a horrid thing to have to sit through that shit before you can get something to eat or drink. Granted, some are kind enough to simply plague you during or [...]

OK to steal if you’re poor

According to a British priest, it’s ok to steal if you’re poor enough. Along with that condition, he goes on to add… “I would ask that they do not steal from small, family businesses, but from large national businesses, knowing that the costs are ultimately passed on to the rest of us in the form [...]

Church baits men with football

Here’s a new entry into the ‘ends justify the means’ category, football themed church service. That’s right, in an attempt to bring more men in for church service, this New Jersey church had football banners hanging in the lobby, sanctuary and from the ceilings, a tailgate party with the usual stuff like sandwiches and hot [...]