Apologists don’t like fair fights

In my previous post I addressed the flaw in the religious assertion of objective morality due not by any failing of the tenets of that morality nor the most common objection which is to challenge whether this god (or gods) even exists, but by the very practical problem of demonstrating that the morality alleged to [...]

This is one of those mindlessly stupid arguments made by the faith junkies in an attempt to both make their addiction appear rational AND discredit those who, rightly so, label them irrational. It’s the old science didn’t see that coming argument. It goes something like this… According to science, the ancient Greeks were irrational for [...]

Not intended to be a factual statement

The Daily Show – Countdown to the Next Countdown – Jon Kyl’s Planned Parenthood Statistics The Colbert Report Two things that stand out here in terms of religion, the excuse that religion doesn’t cause any harm and the age old religious belief that the ends justify the means. Opposition to abortion is largely based on [...]

Religious Exploitation

I often refer to religious belief as an indulgence comparable to drugs, alcohol, or even excessive or unhealthy eating. However, the thing which I don’t find associated with those other indulgences to anywhere near the level in religious indulgence is the compulsion to get others to indulge by whatever means necessary. Sure, alcoholics will try [...]


Many of you are aware of what the Christian addicts who’ve taken over the Texas board of education have done. Blinded by their addictions, prejudices and other views, they’ve decided to revise history to make it more palatable for them by, among other things, getting rid of Jefferson since he didn’t accept that whole divinity [...]