Many of you are aware of what the Christian addicts who’ve taken over the Texas board of education have done. Blinded by their addictions, prejudices and other views, they’ve decided to revise history to make it more palatable for them by, among other things, getting rid of Jefferson since he didn’t accept that whole divinity [...]


I just wrapped up the finals for the cg course I teach. Students present several renderings of environments they’ve created which contain models they’ve built. The models and the environment require surfacing (the art of conveying what a surface is made of, like metal, glass, plastic, etc), texturing (the process of painting objects or applying [...]

Right to superiority, not ignorance

Here is an interesting followup to the Right To Ignorance story. It seems one of the mothers who fought the mandatory course on world religions is very upset about how her fight is being portrayed. She vehemently objects to the portrayal of it being a fight for the right to ignorance. Instead, it would seem [...]

Right to ignorance denied in Quebec

Quebec introduced a mandatory course last year for students on ethics and religious culture, exposing them to various world religions as well as aboriginal spirituality. As could be expected, there were Christian parents who objected to this and actually went to court to protect what they thought was their religious freedom, the freedom from having [...]

Activia – 21st Century Snake Oil?

So I’m guessing you’ve all seen the ads for this yogurt, right? It has live bacteria, bifidus regularis, that is “clinically proven” to regulate your digestion and solve countless intestinal problems. Now when you saw these commercials, did your bullshit detectors go off? Mine sure did. “Regularis”? Are you fucking kidding me? If that’s not [...]