Faulty Presuppositions

This was in my Google alert today. There’s nothing more sad than a faith indulger trying to use logic to champion his indulgence. To cut to the chase, the author cites the constitution as well as Jefferson and others in an attempt argue that prohibiting school lead prayer is actually unconstitutional. As is often the [...]

Sex Ed

Perhaps this is what the religious imagine when they oppose sex ed and promote abstinence only programs… Hail Cthulu!


Here’s a sadly ironic headline – Educating Our Children: The Evolution of Home Schooling. It’s my opinion that home schooling exists predominantly so that religious people can shield their children from anything which might threaten their machinations to religiously indoctrinate their children (worth a read – The 3 “I”s). Keep them ignorant of everything but [...]

What I find amazing during December is how angry Christians get. Why do they get so angry if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”? Why should they care if I go to church or don’t participate in nor respect religious activities in December? Why must everyone be forced to see a nativity scene and also make [...]

Damn, I’m agreeing with the ADF

So here’s something interesting, a religion can preach hate, but if you dare try and teach anyone in a class on that religion exactly what that religion preaches, guess what? You’ll get fired for “hate speech”. Confused? Yeah, me too. Now granted, I don’t like what he’s teaching, but I didn’t like learning about my [...]