Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

What the Heck?

Here’s a doozy, a Christian claiming no atheists could be in birthing centers because human births are SO amazing that he can’t fathom how they could occur without a god. Time to revisit the logical fallacy of personal incredulity: Personal Incredulity: Also known as the argument from ignorance, is an assertion that because one can’t [...]

Flintstones – "Plausible and Realistic"

Here’s a fun old clip from The Daily Show where Mo Rocca interviewed Carl Baugh who runs the Creation Evidence Museum. The Atheist Experience Blog posted this and that’s how I found it.

Bill & Ben, Ignorance Overload

1) “Darwinism” – not Evolution, because you can point out problems with Darwin’s original ideas2) “coming from apes and monkeys” – If only that were true since Clyde from those “Any Which Way…” Eastwood movies had more personality than Ben. Perhaps if Ben’s relatives were orangutuans this would have been more fun to watch3) “lightning [...]