Pretty In Pink

Sometimes the religious are so ridiculously delusional that their antics top some of our best attempts to imagine what they could possibly do. Case in point, getting freaked out over pink Ouija boards. Yes, we’re used to them getting bent over virtually everything being satanic or as the Waterboy’s mom would put it, “the Devil”, [...]

Right to ignorance denied in Quebec

Quebec introduced a mandatory course last year for students on ethics and religious culture, exposing them to various world religions as well as aboriginal spirituality. As could be expected, there were Christian parents who objected to this and actually went to court to protect what they thought was their religious freedom, the freedom from having [...]

Real Religious Child Abuse

The Oregon Supreme Court hears oral arguments Tuesday in the case of a father who wants his 12-year-old son to be circumcised. His ex-wife — the boy’s mother — is fighting the request. Listen to NPR report. No parent should be allowed to affect their kids physically due to religious belief. Period. This means surgically [...]