Wrong on both sides

Quite a head scratcher here the other day in Philadelphia. We had Geert Wilders of Fitna fame come to give a speech, invited by conservative Republicans. You see as good Christians, they love anyone who not only bashes Islam, but actually is working to outlaw and censor it, which is what he’s trying to do [...]

Nude Nymph a No-No in Alabama

How does Christianity harm? Well here’s one way, a vineyard can’t sell its wine in Alabama because the label is considered pornographic. That’s right, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board finds the “gorgeous piece of work” which is the label for Cycles Gladiator wine in violation of its prohibition on labels with “a person posed [...]


This is amusing. Apparently a theist may have infiltrated the Atheist Blogroll. The issue can be found here. It all feels kinda UAC, exposing the “threat within”. LOL Personally I think if you have an atheist blogroll, it should be full of, well, atheists. Republican blogrolls should be made up of Republicans, Democrat blogrolls made [...]