Pity Nick Zuccarello

Why should anyone have to pity a talented artist who’s been employed as such for over a decade? Because he’s in the grips of an ugly self indulgence and his indulgence is anything but a mere self indulgence. Everyone reading this likely has at least one self indulgence. Maybe it’s chocolate. Maybe it’s fatty food. [...]

My Google alert sent me here today, to some ridiculously ass backwards article entitled “For atheists, death is the only point of life”. The author sites the belief Steve Jobs was inspired by, to live every day as if it were your last. She sees this as atheists fixated on death, and believes this negative [...]

Damn, I’m agreeing with the ADF

So here’s something interesting, a religion can preach hate, but if you dare try and teach anyone in a class on that religion exactly what that religion preaches, guess what? You’ll get fired for “hate speech”. Confused? Yeah, me too. Now granted, I don’t like what he’s teaching, but I didn’t like learning about my [...]

I came across this ridiculous essay by some local jackass in response to the theme of this year’s Edge.org dinner, “A New Age of Wonder.” It seems Mr. Dreher would like to remind us that we’re all wretches and would be much better off remaining as ignorant as we can, fearing technology and trusting in [...]

What’s the point?

I just noticed this ridiculous bit of so-called journalism. Ok, it’s listed as opinion but it’s written by a journalism major. Christ, you think journalism is in bad shape now, if this kid is a glimpse of the future, we’re fucked. Now you might have noticed that I’m not writings as much these days. That’s [...]