Storytelling Question

Anyone see the last South Park, Cartman’s Passover Special? You should see the entire episode, but what I want to focus on is a small section near the end where Cartman relives, in a dream, the Old Testament story of Passover as if he’s the Pharaoh’s son. I think this is brilliant, because stories from [...]

Tebow’s Numbers and Scripture

The NFL has no shortage of religious displays by both players and fans, but Tebow has been something different. A QB who can’t even manage to throw a spiral has somehow been at the helm as his team has pulled off seemingly miraculous wins. There are religious players, and then there’s Tebow. His parents are [...]

More of Momma Chief’s Religious Wisdom

I’ve mentioned before some interesting remarks my mom has made concerning religion, but recently she dropped this one while I was driving so it was extremely difficult to stay focused on the road afterwards. All she does is find the passages that support what she thinks and repeats them. If it says that stuff in [...]

How To Kill An Elephant With A Bible

The Exterminator clued me on to some wacky christian’s website today. You know, one of those where the writer claims to be “on a journey” when we all know she ain’t getting off her ass to go anywhere. Her journey ended the moment she bought into her book being true, and her so called travel [...]