Multi-pronged wrong

I’m not sure if you need an account to read this comment someone left in response to one of mine from some time ago, but just in case, I’ll quote it here. It exhibits multiple layers of wrong-headedness including atheism is a religion, which includes deceptively stretching a definition and then doing a bait and [...]

Still don’t think “lacking” matters?

I just found this amusing today. You’ve got two reports on a story concerning how a couple of Christian teachers allegedly attacked an atheist teacher by sprinkling holy water on her. The first refers to the atheist teacher as expressing disbelief in “God and the Bible”. Now ok, not completely objective there but notice how [...]

Atheist Worldview?

Here’s a bugaboo – the “atheist worldview”. Does it exist or not? Certainly the religious claim it does, but much like their god claims, when pushed to justify them they usually resort to either tangential arguments or naked assertions. Atheists generally discount its existence, and will take objection to the assertions of the religious that [...]

Faith vs. Trust

Spiritual atheism? Wtf is that? Well see for yourself. The articles vary between cutely comical and flat out ridiculous. I want to take a moment to address one in particular entitled, Do Atheists Even Know They Are Religious?. Now let first say that this, like many of his articles, start with a good point and [...]

Intolerance is not inherently bad

Someone recently posted a link to this video on a local atheist email list I’m on, and it sparked quite the discussion. It’s not so much the video which did, but opinions of members sparked tangential discussions. Two comments that I found in my email box this morning I felt really required my responses. Below [...]