Reason Rally Not A Religious Revival

The following is a response to a point the Chaplain raised. She felt the Reason Rally was comparable to those old Billy Graham revivals and thus, a religious event with attendees having what looked to her as a religious experience. Chaplain, I think you’ve enter the “atheism is a religion” fallacy. This Saturday you’ll have [...]

Agnostics are either confused or irrational

Consider the following claim: the universe is filled with blrbles, but blrbles are impossible to detect. I know I would first ask how the claimant knows of these blrbles if they’re impossible to detect. If no answer given is satisfactory, then I reject the claim. I’m willing to accept that there may be blrbles, but [...]

Faith is a decision to indulge

I just read this ridiculous article where atheists are not only falsely vilified for the age old religious charge of “lacking” the capacity for faith, but we’re essentially compared to psychopaths and sociopaths. I’ve tried to address this “lacking” issue before, but religious arguments never die no matter how much you dismantle them. Much like [...]

Why I’m Not An Atheist

I’ve engaged in religious discussions long enough now that I think I could write a book for the other side. I’d call it, “Why I’m Not An Atheist” and fill it with ridiculously fallacious arguments that would appeal to anyone who wanted to feel good about their belief in an imaginary friend, or even to [...]

Atheism isn’t supported by any evidence

After seeing the confused and incorrect statement that “atheism isn’t supported by evidence” for the umpteenth time, I thought I’d simply write a fairly lengthy response in hopes of allowing me to either copy/paste or merely post a link the next gazillion times I see it posted somewhere… When one makes a claim, they have [...]