Prayer is NOT Proactive

I don’t want to be yet another person writing about the shootings in Connecticut, let alone one of the many exploiting that event as a means to push my “agenda”. What I’m responding to is someone else’s claims to the value of prayer, as if it would not only help in the aftermath of that event but that it could have prevented it. Such claims are made all the time after such tragedies and sometimes a tragedy isn’t even necessary so let me repeat that I’m not trying to respond to or exploit the terrible event. I’m responding to this ridiculous claim about the effects of prayer

Prayer has nothing to do with morals. Prayer is a tool that nearly all religions use to artificially make the helpless feel less so. It is not proactive, and it certainly is not going to help someone suffering a mental illness. In fact, it could very well inflame and exacerbate one’s mental illness. There are no shortages of sad stories where the mentally unstable acted against others under some delusional belief in deities and other supernatural beliefs, therefore introducing the mentally ill to such beliefs and encouraging them to engage in rituals, especially when such rituals are alleged to have real world effects, is incredibly reckless and dangerous.

Evil is not a thing. It’s not an entity. People do, or are a party to things we may consider evil everyday. They may not even be aware that they are doing so. It’s a fact of life that bad things happen and we all would like to assign blame and find meaning in it all but there really isn’t any. We can each look at things like this and use it as a motivator for positive change, which would be great, but there’s no inherent meaning in such things. No entity of evil which must be warded off through silly indulgences into supernatural beliefs and rituals.

In Corinthians it says when I was a child I thought and acted as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things. Believing in supernatural entities, good or evil, and participating in magical rituals because you believe they’ll affect the world are the thoughts and actions of a child. To truly affect the world and cause positive change, we need to think and act as adults and put away such childish things.

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