Religion Immunization

A new study published in Science (I became aware of it via Gizmodo) shows it could be possible to block the emotional recording of a memory. Lots of interesting possibilities for such a thing, but imagine if this were a pill and you took it prior to some religious event. The root of religious subscription is irrationality, in other words emotional appeal, and most proselytizing and apologetics target your emotions. Imagine if someone either has no emotional response or at least that response isn’t recorded into memory.

The joke about modern atheists is we’re like Vulcans or robots, cold and emotionless. Obviously that’s not true (I’m a prime example). The fact is some people are more successful at evaluating things objectively, minimizing any irrational influences such as emotions as much as possible. It’s not easy and can be very difficult at times. It demands commitment and strong will. For many it’s too elusive, so now there could be a pill.

I’m also thinking about this as a children’s chewable, perfect for those inescapable religious exposures like weddings, funerals, or random jackasses they may encounter at school holding prayers, religious assemblies, displays and what not. No pill yet for removing the need for religion, but this could be preventive medicine.

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  2. It is nice that you are saying the truth and making the people knowledgeable without these important things we cannot able to know about religion. I appreciate you because the way you expressed is mind-blowing and very good.

  3. "…shows it could be possible to block the emotional recording of a memory." – well that will be taking away a vital part of the human nature and the impact will stretch beyond the religious perspective from which you view it.

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  5. "The joke about modern atheists is we’re like Vulcans or robots, cold and emotionless."

    Yeah, that is a joke… comparing your ilk with logical and intellectual machines and entities. Au Contraire, I find most anti-theists loaded with emotion and hot-headed, so much so that they cannot think or reason. Too busy formulating the next insult to actually listen to reason, they are used to TELLING and not listening. It's how they justify their profound ignorance, with lot's of noise.

    After all, it's not like their religion of non-belief would promote any other type of behavior… a dog hears a bell, he salivates!

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  7. Interesting idea – a pill to block the emotional recording of a memory!

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  10. Thanks for the detailed information. I found this luckily on google source.

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