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This article pissed me off, because it really boils down to rights, and what’s ultimately at the heart of establishing rights? Respect for others. You can’t function as a society without a respect for the rest of society. There’s just a tremendous amount of selfishness today. What grabbed me about the article was the idea that somehow those who erected this Jesus statue on public land which is finally and rightly being evicted are acting like victims. “Leave us alone” they say? How can you place your propaganda on public land and have the nerve to say you should be left alone? The audacity!

You see this same nonsense by those who claim to be victims because they can’t exercise their belief that others don’t deserve equal rights, or rights over their own bodies. Being denied the “right” to victimize others does not make you a victim. Add the anti-vac nutters too, putting countless others at risk.

Anyway, so why Ronald? Well the thing that bothered me about the memorial in Montana more than it being blatantly unconstitutional was how fallen US soldiers were being exploited to push a group’s personal agenda. I’m amazed that more people don’t recognize that. It’s supposed to be a memorial for fallen US soldiers, but how would you know that? Sure there’s a plaque up there, but compare that to the 6 foot Jesus. Wtf does a six foot Jesus have to do with that? I’d say about as much as Ronald. Now imagine if McDonald’s said they were going to erect a memorial and then unveiled a tiny plaque and a 6 foot Ronald atop a pedestal. What do you think the reaction would have been? Put whatever you want there, the Wallmart smiley face, the Starbucks Siren, it doesn’t matter. Any of them would be equally inappropriate.

Original statue:

jesus statue

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9 Responses to “WWII Memorial, brought to you by McDonald’s”

  1. Maybe if Jesus was displayed dressed as a United States soldier…

  2. Something like this or maybe this.

  3. WWJS – Who Would Jesus Snipe?

  4. I think American Jesus would be more Rambo than stealth.

  5. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, GI Jesus will be discounted 50% for the next ten minutes. Hurry and get yours now! And please refrain from trampling anyone on your way to the cash register.


  6. More Atheists that FEAR God and Christians. (Yawn) Thank God the Jesus WW two Memorial WILL stay.


  7. Another Christian expressing IGNORANCE and none of that so-called “Christian love”. (Yawn)

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