Agnostics are either confused or irrational

Consider the following claim: the universe is filled with blrbles, but blrbles are impossible to detect. I know I would first ask how the claimant knows of these blrbles if they’re impossible to detect. If no answer given is satisfactory, then I reject the claim. I’m willing to accept that there may be blrbles, but [...]

My Google alert sent me here today, to some ridiculously ass backwards article entitled “For atheists, death is the only point of life”. The author sites the belief Steve Jobs was inspired by, to live every day as if it were your last. She sees this as atheists fixated on death, and believes this negative [...]

Faulty Presuppositions

This was in my Google alert today. There’s nothing more sad than a faith indulger trying to use logic to champion his indulgence. To cut to the chase, the author cites the constitution as well as Jefferson and others in an attempt argue that prohibiting school lead prayer is actually unconstitutional. As is often the [...]