Christians Have No Credible Arguments

The following is a response to this letter from the Oklahoma Daily claiming atheists need stronger aruments.

No atheist says life is meaningless. Meaning is personal and subjective. We assign meaning and value to life. Even for the Christian, to accept a religion’s assignment of value and meaning is still a choice. Look again at your quote from Paul. He doesn’t offer an absolute but rather prefaces his belief with “for to me”. That’s a subjective opinion. Anyone, atheist, agnostic, Christian, Hindu, what have you can preface their opinion with “for to me”.

It is true that Abolitionists claimed slavery was unChristian, but the pro-slavery side claimed it was Christian, and with more scriptural backing. Although scripture doesn’t change, the interpretation does, and those changing interpretations are motivated by society. Social morality drives religious morality. Religious morality has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by societal moral demands. The latest manifestation of that is equality for gays and lesbians. Eventually societal demands will force interpretations of religious scripture to see their equality as being what God wants, and some crank like you a hundred years or so from now will claim it was Christianity that made their equality possible just like it’s claimed now that it made abolition of slavery possible.

As for your list of apologists anyone who thinks their apologies and excuses for Christianity are sensible are simply, to steal Plantinga’s favorite pejorative, jejune. His argument for the problem of evil is especially ridiculous, blaming demons for natural disasters. That’s scholarship? THAT is what we need to understand? No, as a Christian you need to understand what his ilk are doing and how unsatisfactory their excuses and apologies are.

Lastly, fetuses are aborted, not babies or children. A fetus is a potential human, and more potential humans are erased in the fertility clinics where many Christians go than in all the clinics worldwide performing abortions, yet there’s no outcry there. Why?

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7 Responses to “Christians Have No Credible Arguments”

  1. No atheist says life is meaningless.

    Really? No atheists embrace existential nihilism? That seems clearly false, so I can only assume you were going for a rhetorical point there.

  2. Outstanding post I will certainly return to read more..

  3. After perusing your blog, I am left with the overwhelming feeling that you're a bitter guy. And not just run-of-the-mill bitter, but BITTER. Tell me, what would make you happy? If there were no religions? If there were no Christians? If everyone agreed with you? I mean, holy shit! Take a look at yourself! I can't really care if you're an atheist, but why not write at least something that is a tad positive? I knew guys like you in university…sad bunch they were.
    Question: outside of this blog, in "real life," are you like this? If so, are you constantly in fist fights?

  4. How delightful that you stopped by to say hi! Have a nice day! :)

  5. That's more like it.

  6. It is nice to read your this post about the ideas you have about such topics. It is good to share what you understand and the way how you understand. Everyone have their own domains and they are working on it according to their own desire. We can't blame someone for everything but by reading the holy books you can find your answer.

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