Christians Have No Credible Arguments

The following is a response to this letter from the Oklahoma Daily claiming atheists need stronger aruments. No atheist says life is meaningless. Meaning is personal and subjective. We assign meaning and value to life. Even for the Christian, to accept a religion’s assignment of value and meaning is still a choice. Look again at [...]

Sex Ed

Perhaps this is what the religious imagine when they oppose sex ed and promote abstinence only programs… Hail Cthulu!

Not intended to be a factual statement

The Daily Show – Countdown to the Next Countdown – Jon Kyl’s Planned Parenthood Statistics The Colbert Report Two things that stand out here in terms of religion, the excuse that religion doesn’t cause any harm and the age old religious belief that the ends justify the means. Opposition to abortion is largely based on [...]

I gots ya evidence right here, pal

Since I say that demonstrable evidence is required before a claim can be rationally accepted, it’s only fair that when someone offers what they believe to be evidence, I should take some time to examine it. Well I was given this link to a lecture by one Dr. J.P. Moreland creatively entitled “The Evidence for [...]