Saga of Biorn

I just found this animation online, and I’m posting it here because of the hilarious (or sad, depending on how you look at it) ending.

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8 Responses to “Saga of Biorn”

  1. That was great! Wonderful animation. Very funny too, the way he kept winning. Sort of reminded me of MP and the Holy Grail, and King Arthur's fight with the Black Knight.

  2. It was good. Nice style and I love the nuns bouncing off his shield.

  3. lol, what a boring place Heaven is supposed to be eh? It's sad that's what Christians think they're getting after they're dead.

  4. I love the nuns bouncing off his shield


    An added bonus!

  5. Good stuff. Bet you wish your students were 1/4 as talented. ;)

  6. I have my share of exceptional ones, but not everyone can be exceptional. I've been advising a senior animation team this term, and I'm hoping their work is on par with this. We'll see.

  7. Even when I was a Christian, I thought the Christian heaven sounded hellish.

  8. hahaha, and hell sounds like fun too, that's how the christians know that the devil wrote the bible

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