What I find amazing during December is how angry Christians get. Why do they get so angry if you don’t say “Merry Christmas”? Why should they care if I go to church or don’t participate in nor respect religious activities in December? Why must everyone be forced to see a nativity scene and also make [...]

Look Both Ways Before You Believe

A puzzling, yet rather common tactic of the religious is to try and paint atheism as being comparable to a religion, with its members as fundamentalists and the whole basis of it rooted in faith. Many even don’t stop at mere comparison, they declare outright that atheism is a religion. What I find puzzling about [...]

Religion worse than being a Leafs fan

First, I thought this was a brilliant post. It appears there’s an ongoing conversation between Mr. Moore and a believer, Kelly McParland. She appears to have attempted to downplay the importance to an atheist that someone is a believer by comparing it to being a fan of a sports team, and Moore did a wonderful [...]

More work for the religious this week

Tough week for the fanatically religious who believe such things as this world being uniquely created just for us by their god in order for us to exist and live (and of course spend that time praising him and procreating as much as possible to create a multitude of worshippers). I suppose they feel a [...]