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First off, I’m not dead yet, just very busy. That, plus a tremendous feeling of “what’s the fucking point” with ranting over religion and religious loons has kept me from blogging, although I do still occasionally mix it up with the loons on others’ blogs. I also respond to emails, and today I got an email from the FRC (sometimes good to get on mailing lists of the loons to keep tabs on what they’re up to). They have a survey they want members to fill out, so I filled it out. I only wish I could see their faces when they read it. Like to add to their survey? Click here. Below are some of my responses…


Please take a few minutes to complete this survey
 for the Family Research Council.
Your answers are confidential; at no point will we ask you for your name or contact information.
Thank you!

Off the top of your head, what comes to mind when you think of the Family Research Council?


In your own words, please describe what the Family Research Council does.  If you’re not sure, just describe as much as you can.

Attempt to impose beliefs on others, often causing measurable harm.

Which of the following best describes how well you feel you know the Family Research Council (FRC)?

I feel like I know just about everything there is to know about FRC.

The next was a list of things you can agree or disagree with. I gave a “Strongly Disagree” with all except on ‘provides me with information’ and on whether they’re a resource when in doubt on an issue. Those I gave a “Strongly Agree” because they provide info on the crazy perspective and if in doubt on an issue, it’s a safe bet to take the contrary position to whatever they recommend.

Have you ever visited the Family Research Council website?


The next question was a number of options on site design but the following one was on how best they should advertise, so I chose them all because I’d like to see them expend as much time and money as possible on advertising.

Have you ever financially supported the Family Research Council?


Briefly explain your reasoning for the above response. In other words, if you have financially supported FRC, what are some of the main reasons for doing so? If you haven’t, what factors or issues have prevented or kept you from supporting FRC?

Answer #1, the FRC is evil.

The rest is demographic info, except that they try to phish for where they should advertise by asking how frequently you read the paper, tweet, etc, so I chose all (ie – see waste time and money advertising).

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6 Responses to “FRC Survey”

  1. lol….How can they call themselves a "Family Research Council" if the only research they are doing is on who to most effectively push their misinformation? As far as money for advertising goes, perhaps their pyramid scheme model isn't working or something? lol, it's not working because they aren't doing adequate research on families though, but rather keep on making ancient assumptions that don't hold true in modern times and then giving bad advice to people.

  2. LOL! I took the survey. They'll probably throw my answers away as outliers.

  3. I'm glad I know people like you who keep tabs on groups like this. I just don't have the stomach for it.

    Hey, we each have specials areas where we are particularly effective in making a difference. So I'm still trying to figure out what _mine_ is!

  4. Words like research, freedom, liberty, and even American are just props, pom-poms to wave to get the fans going but they never have any connection to what those words actually mean. For instance, the FRC's research is merely cracking open their bibles to find passages that support their narrow minded beliefs.

    I wrote PZ about the survey, thinking he could flood the survey with some fun responses but even just one uncommon response sounds fun to me. Sure, I can't see the result of my responses but I'll just imagine at least one scrunched face at the FRC further scrunched after reading my reply, and somehow that makes me smile. Does that make a difference in the world? It does in mine.

  5. lol….I feel all motivated to scrunch some faces now

  6. I just took the survey, they'll likewise ignore my answers since I told them exactly what I think of them and it wasn't nice. They only want to hear what they want to hear, they delete the rest I'm sure.

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