Why I’m Not An Atheist

I’ve engaged in religious discussions long enough now that I think I could write a book for the other side. I’d call it, “Why I’m Not An Atheist” and fill it with ridiculously fallacious arguments that would appeal to anyone who wanted to feel good about their belief in an imaginary friend, or even to those clowns who think, for various reasons, that it’s better to call themselves agnostics. Below is a rough outline of topics, perhaps chapter topics. Have topic suggestions? Leave them in in the comments section below.

• Atheists are too closed-minded to accept things that lack their narrow view of what evidence is.

• Atheists would rather doubt than accept an explanatory hypothesis.

• Nobody likes atheists, so I don’t want to be a part of a group that nobody likes.

• You can’t prove God doesn’t exist

• It’s wonderful to believe

• There are things which science can’t explain, so…

• There are some incredibly smart people throughout history who believed, and plenty who believe today.

• Atheists base their God denial on logic, but they make mistakes everyday in logic, therefore they must be wrong about God.

• Science changes everyday so you can’t trust it, except for when it confirms my beliefs.

• The fact that science rarely gets it right about God and those scientists who do or are on the right track get silenced is proof of an atheist conspiracy.

• People who believe and pray are happier and live longer.

• Dawkins is mean, and Hitchens is an angry drunk.

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24 Responses to “Why I’m Not An Atheist”

  1. - While science is highly skeptical of personal anecdotes, most of us just KNOW that when we experience something "unusual" there really IS a supernatural explanation for it. And, of course, that explanation is most probably my particular version of god.

  2. I just can't decide whether there should be a chapter called, "I just know it in my heart" or whether that should be the Gopher to this Caddyshack.

  3. [youtube krVXRCcr2M4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krVXRCcr2M4 youtube]

  4. 1. You have to have faith to believe in atheism, making atheism just another religion anyway, and I like mine, so I'm sticking with it.

    2. EVERYTHING is evidence for God. Therefore God exists.

    3. I saw video games fly across the room, in a way only god could have thrown them, so God exists.

    4. Atheists refuse to read theology, so they have no idea about they are talking about.

    5. Atheists were probably abused by priests.

    6. Look at that sunset!!

  5. Not sure what to say here.

    Atheists are too closed-minded to accept things that lack their narrow view of what evidence is.

    Theists have a large range of definitions for god that contradict each other. There must first be an agreed definition for god before evidence can be furnished in the first place. A common definition for god is an "all knowing" being that people have a personal relationship with. That is testible, how about a 50 question trivia test, theists with their gods vs atheists with their internet.

    You can’t prove God doesn’t exist

    Define what you mean by "God" and then I'll take a crack at it.

    There are things which science can’t explain, so…

    Like what?

  6. Theologists have no idea what they are talking about.

  7. Topic suggestions:
    * Atheists have no purpose in life
    * How can atheists possibly be moral?
    * The worst totalitarian governments have been atheistic.

  8. "How can atheists possibly be moral? "

    And since morality is manifestly "objective", and you can't have objective morality without a "law giver", – god exists.

    "The worst totalitarian governments have been atheistic."

    For instance, Hitler was an atheist, because we declare him to have been.

  9. They're not supposed to make sense, that's the point. For the last point, they simply stretch the fact that science hasn't explained everything yet to science can't explain everything.

  10. No purpose. Yup, that's good. I suppose that's tied to no belief in an afterlife, which really translates to no fear of eternal retribution, thus you have no morals since how can one be moral without being threatened?

  11. 1. Yup, atheism is a religion.
    2. Look at the trees!
    3. Now now, that's just evidence of the supernatural, but if that exists, you know what that means!
    4. How can we know it sucks without devouring every last word of it?
    5. Or are just angry because they weren't.
    6. I know, right? Where else could beauty come from?

  12. 1. Atheists actually do believe in god, they just want to live by their own rules instead of his.
    2. Atheists are angry at god.
    3. Atheists live meaningless lives, since only god can give life meaning.

  13. Don't forget daddy issues. That's where it all stems from.

  14. Oh, okay, how about this argument?

    "God is the infinite set of logical abstractions"

  15. I don't think anyone who would be into a book like this would know wtf that means, but I have heard the argument that a god is responsible for logic. That's the angle of the Presuppositionalists, and I think it's the basis for the TAG argument.

  16. So, God is outside time , space AND logic? So where the fuck IS he?

  17. It's a mystery too grand for our mortal minds to grasp. Why, the shear perplexity of it is proof he exists, right?

    Who was it that said (paraphrasing) 'as imperfect beings, we're incapable of contemplating perfection, yet we do, so the idea of perfection must have been planted in our heads by a perfect being'? That could be a quote for a chapter heading. LOL!

  18. Hmm, daddy issues. That category opens up so many possibilities, I don't where to begin….

  19. I don't bother promoting this site, so most people who come here are regulars. To fill you in, there's an especially douchey theist who thinks rather highly of himself and his mental faculties (ie – see confirmation bias as well as Dunning-Kruger effect). Apparently he now has a book in the works, so that prompted this post in part.

    As for Nietzsche, yes, most people are confused about him and his work. In fairness, it has a lot to due with poor translations and using his cunty sister's rewrites of his work rather than his actual writing. Of course there are also stupid people with terrible reading comprehension and/or read into things what they want and cherry pick quotes that seem to fit their beliefs. To head off any criticism that might paint what I'm saying as me arguing some "no true Nietzschian…", the man contradicted himself, and was fully aware of that because he saw his thinking as perpetually evolving. Plus, there are plenty of things he wrote I simply don't agree with. However, there are some things which should be easily understood in his writings, so thinking he endorsed some narcissistic advancement at the sake of others, exploiting, enslaving and if need be killing others is simply wrong.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  21. To fill you in, there's an especially douchey theist who thinks rather highly of himself and his mental faculties (ie – see confirmation bias as well as Dunning-Kruger effect).

    I don't think highly of myself at all, because I've seen the mistakes I can make, but I sure do feel sorry for you. Overconfidence and arrogance can be a bitch to cut through, blinding even.

  22. [youtube WqPR0ltgwpU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqPR0ltgwpU youtube]

  23. You left out “Atheists are smarter than us, so let’s kill them.”

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