Real Estate Woes

Recently, the wife and I started looking again for a house. New job, interest rates super low (and possibly going lower) and prices still dropping to sell, we figured it was time. We’ve looked before, and have slowly educated ourselves about the real estate process, mortgages, and home issues plus we’ve watching copious amounts of [...]

“I don’t look like that!”

That’s one possible answer for why the infamous “Touchdown Jesus” of Solid Rock Church in Cincinnati got struck by lightning and burned to the ground, that Jesus just wasn’t happy with the likeness. It could possibly be because he got annoyed with the name “Touchdown Jesus”, which then opens the door for any number of [...]

Arguing with the religious and other loons

Look, I think it’s a waste of time to try and convince anyone that their religious indulgence is silly and potentially harmful. It’s not based on rational thought but rather rationalizations to silence the doubts and the conscience in order to keep indulging, so logic probably won’t work. You could pull the same trickery they [...]

Atheism isn’t supported by any evidence

After seeing the confused and incorrect statement that “atheism isn’t supported by evidence” for the umpteenth time, I thought I’d simply write a fairly lengthy response in hopes of allowing me to either copy/paste or merely post a link the next gazillion times I see it posted somewhere… When one makes a claim, they have [...]

Multi-pronged wrong

I’m not sure if you need an account to read this comment someone left in response to one of mine from some time ago, but just in case, I’ll quote it here. It exhibits multiple layers of wrong-headedness including atheism is a religion, which includes deceptively stretching a definition and then doing a bait and [...]