Still don’t think “lacking” matters?

I just found this amusing today. You’ve got two reports on a story concerning how a couple of Christian teachers allegedly attacked an atheist teacher by sprinkling holy water on her. The first refers to the atheist teacher as expressing disbelief in “God and the Bible”. Now ok, not completely objective there but notice how [...]

Dio is Dead

A piece of me died today. The wonderfully leather-lunged, tiny, campy man of metal and magic, Ronnie James Dio, is dead. I remember seeing him a number of times while in high school. I loved his voice and all the music he was a part of, from Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and into his own [...]

Gawd Does Hate the Gay

It’s official! With Nashville underwater, we see now how such a thing could happen. Chely Wright is gay. CLEARLY the wrath of Gawd is evident, and it must have been devastating for Him to do this since you know Country is the official music of Gawd (or so I’m told). Sure, women not wearing burkas [...]