Christian objection to prayer ruling

There’s been enough said already about the recent ruling concerning the National Day of Prayer. What I’d rather address is the venomous rants of the Christians objecting to it. They’re everywhere, so you don’t have to look far. Find any article on any news site which allows comments and you’ll find them. I happened to stumble upon this blog post from The following is something I think I can more or less just copy/paste in every comment section of such articles. Also, since inevitably these fuckers invoke the “In God We Trust” line in these rants, it’s worth addressing that, too:

The only reason for articles like this is either ignorance of the law or open defiance of it. If you can’t see how the government beseeching the American people to engage in a religious act is unconstitutional, then I’m not sure you’re really trying and probably aren’t. No doubt all of you who are objecting to the ruling would be vociferously objecting to the government beseeching participation in a Native American Sun Dance or ritually sacrificing a chicken, and that’s the point. When in doubt, substitute what you see as permission to push Christianity with pushing something else and if that makes you uncomfortable, then guess what? The pushing Christianity thing is probably unconstitutional.

I think we need to return to the motto which served this country for nearly two centuries and through two world wars, E Pluribus Unum. Simple, inclusive, and worth taking pride in rather than what we currently have now which is provocative, divisive, and a violation of the Establishment Clause on multiple counts:
1) It establishes monotheism (ex: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, ect) over polytheism (ex: Hinduism)
2) It establishes theism over deism (which many of our Founders were) and atheism (which also includes religions such as Buddhism)

The only reason why we have these debates is because US Christians want special permission for their belief, which is antithetical to our Constitution, the intent of the Founders, and really, the American Way.

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8 Responses to “Christian objection to prayer ruling”

  1. So are you saying that the government doesn't support the ritual sacrificing of chickens? What am I gonna do with all my finger-licking-good product?

  2. It can acknowledge your ritual, but it can't beseech others to join in, and really Colonel, do you want everyone joining in? It's better if they have to rely on you for their chicken.

    Seriously, I think this is how the NDP will have to evolve. It will have to merely acknowledge that people pray, just like they have such acknowledgments of baseball, reading, and whatever else. No beseeching to participate. Personally, I think even in that form it's inappropriate and government should try to keep as far away from religion as possible, but my guess is it'll evolve to this so politicians can still use it to pander to Christian voters.

    Btw, I think government has no business getting involved in baseball, either.

  3. Hey, could you go into my last comment and get rid of all the html shit that fucking Intensedebate added? Thanks.

  4. Actually no, I can't, but you can. That was the point of getting this, that you can edit your own comments after you post them

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