Ghosts for sale

What can you say about this? A woman sold two captured ghosts for roughly $2000US. Man, I gotta get in on this stuff. There are people making a fortune online selling things with Jesus faces, Mary faces, images of the ghost of Michael Jackson, but this really is clever. I don’t think I would have ever come up with this, or if I did, I just wouldn’t have followed through on it, so kudos to her.

Of course it’s impossible to know whether she believes this crap or if she’s just hamming it up for the sale. I wonder if you can tell just by looking at the bottles which ghost is which. What if you get them mixed up? What if they break? Oh no! The little girl ghost was allegedly summoned via a Ouija board (no mention of whether it was pink or not), which tells me that there’s a business here. Summon, bottle and sell. Perhaps you can start charging extra for more decorative containers. I don’t know, but this whole ghost in a bottle thing could be more lucrative than Mary toast. Sure, the toast got a lot more, but that was a one time deal. You could pump these babies out regularly. Of course you have to deduct the “exorcist’s fee”, but that can be written off as a business expense.

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17 Responses to “Ghosts for sale”

  1. A hilarious publicity stunt by the SPCA.

  2. I'm holding out for the ghost of John Lennon.

  3. What exactly does one do with a bottled ghost? Aside from reuse the bottle for storing chutney, of course.

    Mmmm… haunted chutney…

  4. So, if I take a handful of Jesus crackers and put them individually into empty wine bottles, then I could sell "bottled holy spirit" too then, right!? LOL…..just so long as people don't eat it, then they can have their own personal god genie, lol.

  5. I have no idea what one does with this shit. What did the purchaser of the Mary toast do, or the Jesus Cheeto? I'd open the bottles if I had them. Let's see what happens. And why don't those idiots on tv who are always so scared visiting haunted houses with their night vision cameras ever try and catch any?

    I think you'd definitely be making money if you claimed you had Lennon's ghost in a bottle. If it sold for more than any of those Jesus things, then again he'd be more popular than Jesus!

    Maybe the SPCA could raise money selling the ghosts of dead dog stars like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin.

  6. Interesting hypothesis that ghosts can't travel through plastic. Any other material a ghost can travel through, but when it comes to plastics….

  7. …or is that a glass bottle?

  8. I wonder how many death threats one would invite trying to sell a bottle containing the ghost of Jesus.

  9. Let's find out! I have in my possession a bottle (technically a Kilner jar) which I guarantee contains the genuine spiritual essence of Jesus Christ. It's yours for fifty quid ono, no timewasters please.

    Let the bidding war commence.

  10. Does the trapped essence de sauveur smell suspiciously like urine?

  11. No, it's entirely odourless, indeed intangible, as one might expect.

  12. You could sell wine and then say it was transmuted Jesus blood.

  13. Hell, who wants a ghost in a bottle… I’m so primitive I rub strange bottles in hopes that Barbara Eden will pop out.

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  16. I'm holding out for the ghost of a beloved senior dog: facts about dog.

  17. I'm holding out for the ghost of John Lennon.

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