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I doubt I’m the first one to comment on this story in the atheosphere, where an atheist went undercover in Jerry Falwell’s church. I’m sure her tale is quite fascinating, but there’s two things I want to comment about it. The first is Gina’s comment here…

“I think I am fundamentally lacking in whatever chamber of the brain allows for religious belief”

Funny, when someone resists the lure of drugs or alcohol, of eating that entire gallon of ice cream, or even unprotected sex, you never hear them or anyone say they’re lacking something in their brain. On the contrary, it’s those who indulge in such things who we consider to be lacking in common sense and/or will power. Make no mistake, the fantasy of a magic man who loves you and cares for you and makes sure everything is ok is quite appealing, but as she said, “wanting it still didn’t make me believe it.” This tripe about atheists lacking something has pissed me off before, and continues to piss me off perhaps more than anything else a theist says about atheists. It’s worse than the shit about us being immoral. No, this takes the cake because OTHER ATHEISTS MINDLESSLY REPEAT IT. It’s difficult enough to be in that minority who doesn’t lack that resistance to delusion, but when many of my fellow atheists are oblivious to how they’ve been manipulated to repeat this line, it makes where I stand a lonely place indeed.

The other thing I want to comment on is her remorse for what she had to do to get her story. The lying was bad enough, but she had to engage in proselytizing, to a child no less, in order to not blow her cover. That’s something I simply could never do, and it appears she’s wrestling with having done it, and wrestling with another of the things I rant about, and that’s the idea of ‘ends justify the means’. Can this book justify what she did? I can’t see it, but I hope for her sake that there is some good that comes of it at least. Also, she’s wrestling with her actions because she has empathy for others, something sorely lacking in moral instructions from religion. She mentioned how these people accept the party line on things unquestioningly, like the evils of gays. That’s reflects a lack of empathy, plus I doubt if the roles were reversed if the religious spy would feel remorse since whatever is done in the name of their god simply has to be good. Again, that shit makes it easy to pacify any human empathy you might have in you.

Oh, some of the comments left there are rather interesting.

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  1. That's one book I won't be adding to my list. It sounds totally insincere. If a real reporter goes undercover to expose evildoing in an organization, that might be interesting. But this idiot didn't seem to have any idea in mind other than writing what she hopes will be a best-seller. Some of her conclusions, at least as stated in the article, show how shallow she is.

    I'd be mighty surprised if the words "personal journey" don't appear a few times in the book.

  2. Well yes, she seems like a bubblehead. I'm sure she saw that other guy who did the book about The Family and thought she could do the same, only better since she'd be undercover, whereas that guy never hid the fact that he didn't buy into it all (at least I think he didn't keep that secret). And wasn't there a college kid who did this for a semester?

    I see what you mean about the personal journey crap. She does seem to show that at the end, explaining how she's less judgmental and so forth now. Yeah, blah, blah, blah, that shit doesn't resonate with me either. I just think about her shilling Jesus to a kid and think the book wasn't worth it if even one kid got hooked on this. I mean, imagine if she was going undercover to examine the crack industry, and she pushed crack on a kid as part of her cover. Would the book have been worth it? No, but at least they have treatment centers for crack addiction.

  3. Reasons for Atheists to go to Church:

    (1) The Bible contradicts itself so many times that they can just point out a verse that contradicts anything the Pastor says. Going to church and pointing out the flaws in the Bible is a virtue

    (2) Staring down or up the women's dresses while they're singing. The best part is they never suspect that's what you're thinking, lol, well except for the the fact that they're awefully sexually submissive while singing about Jesus so sex is what every guy in the room is most likely thinking about.

    (3) The funny thing about telling kids about the Bible is that they never actually believe you when you do, they always think that you're pushing a bogus "I got your nose" kind of gig on them when you say something absurd like "Jesus walked on water" or "Jacob built a ladder to heaven", no kid really actually believes that stuff.

    (4) Dropping a single penny into the collection bag so that it clinks

    (5) Openly acting disgusted by the unsanitary practices of the communion crackers, that thing is grosser than mints at a resteraunt which at least are wrapped.

  4. Note – When dropping the penny in, be sure to say emphatically out loud "Every penny counts" (you're essentially paying for the service of being able to refute the Bible to people) and when telling kids bogus myths, they typically hate their parents for being stupid enough to bring them to church, at least it gives them the knowledge that authority is often moronic and wrong.

    (6) Free coffee

    (7) It is especially funny to watch a guy talking about nonsensical gibberish and trying to keep a straight face. Laughing at the parts whereby the Pastor has to improvise due to the vagueries of the Bible or because the Bible has a stupid message in it that doesn't make any sense.

  5. I wouldn't expect the coffee to be any good, and whenever I have to sit through a sermon (ie – weddings and funerals), I don't need anything else to help induce a desire to go to the bathroom.

    I find the fun thing to do is look around for the others who aren't closing their eyes when everyone's supposed to pray. Sometimes you get a frightened reaction, and sometimes you get one of those looks which says, "you too, huh?"

  6. The Church people have two reactions, but I think that my nonparticiapation mainly just turns all the milfs on because they realize I'm a heathen, lol.

  7. I won't be reading this book. I'm surprised at the lengths the author went to to get her story – getting baptized, going on a mission trip, FFS! She had to have known that she would be required to proselytize during that adventure – especially to kids (Child evangelism is a huge emphasis for fundogelicals! (Get 'em locked in while they're young!) It's impossible to exaggerate that point.), unless she really is a bubblehead, as Philly and Larry seem to think. I honestly don't think she actually had to do some of those things to get the information she wanted.

  8. I certainly hope so.

  9. Staring down or up the women's dresses while they're singing. The best part is they never suspect that's what you're thinking….

    You're kidding, right? They certainly do know what you're thinking. And a lot of them are probably either flattered or turned on.

  10. Actually, I would make the bet that the average Christian woman is more intelligent than the average porn star, at least by 20 IQ points, hopefully….off topic here Philly, but I've never been more dissapointed than after seeing a hot porn star getting mesmorized by sparkling glitter objects, that doesn't seem like the kind of girl I could hold a conversation with :(

  11. I can let a lot of things go, but indoctrinating children to avoid blowing one's cover is far beyond what should be considered acceptable.

    Besides, how hard is it to say, "Oh, I would never want an adult witnessing to MY children without MY permission, so I won't do that either."

  12. Not hard to say at all. Of course the nutters would throw you out of their little nutty club and your undercover thing would be over. You see, as a Christian you most certainly would want an adult witnessing to your kid, so naturally other adults would welcome you doing it to their kids. I mean, you're doing it for their souls, so you're completely right and anyone who objects is a godless bastard destined for hellfire. Praise Jesus!

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