Intolerance is not inherently bad

Someone recently posted a link to this video on a local atheist email list I’m on, and it sparked quite the discussion. It’s not so much the video which did, but opinions of members sparked tangential discussions. Two comments that I found in my email box this morning I felt really required my responses. Below [...]

Functional Religionists

In responding to this NPR post, I found myself returning again to what I was saying last time and what I regularly say about religion, that it’s an addictive vice. I know nothing about the author, so I don’t know if he’s one of the religion appeasers (and thus, an enabler) but a couple of [...]


Many of you are aware of what the Christian addicts who’ve taken over the Texas board of education have done. Blinded by their addictions, prejudices and other views, they’ve decided to revise history to make it more palatable for them by, among other things, getting rid of Jefferson since he didn’t accept that whole divinity [...]

Ghosts for sale

What can you say about this? A woman sold two captured ghosts for roughly $2000US. Man, I gotta get in on this stuff. There are people making a fortune online selling things with Jesus faces, Mary faces, images of the ghost of Michael Jackson, but this really is clever. I don’t think I would have [...]

Undercover Atheist

I doubt I’m the first one to comment on this story in the atheosphere, where an atheist went undercover in Jerry Falwell’s church. I’m sure her tale is quite fascinating, but there’s two things I want to comment about it. The first is Gina’s comment here… “I think I am fundamentally lacking in whatever chamber [...]