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I came across this ridiculous article from Texas where some fat, ignorant Councilman is proposing starting meetings with a prayer. As obnoxious as that is, the article was worse, suggesting the only obstacle is merely upsetting atheists, and then there are the ignorant commenters. So I figured for this red state full of “real” Americans, I’d deliver a rather heavy handed, patriotic American sermon…

Our forefathers did not found this country on the government pairing with religion. They wanted to escape that, as they saw the ills of such a union in England and understood that for there to be true freedom of religion, the government MUST stand apart from it and not appear to favor any one belief. That is why our constitution is a secular document.

The ignorance of commenters is one thing, but I’m shocked at the ignorance of a Council member as to the laws of this great nation. To suggest the issue is merely one of upsetting atheists is both absurd and to any patriotic American, this is blatantly offensive. The issue is the Establishment Clause of our nation’s constitution. THAT is why prayer can’t be permitted, for it’s a de facto endorsement of a particular belief system which the Establishment Clause explicitly prohibits. There have been some elaborate attempts to circumvent this, such as attempts to make them non-denomintaional, but religion itself is a belief, one that is not shared by all, and therefore endorsing religion over no religion is the same as if the government endorsed Catholicism over Protestantism.

Lastly, the idea that this blatant disregard for our nation’s constitution is ok because about 90% of Victorians are ok with it is deeply, deeply disturbing. Have we not seen enough evils from mob rule, from the majority subjugating the minority? We object if the rich ignore the law to take advantage of the poor, if whites take advantage of blacks, if men take advantage of women, if adults take advantage of children, so why does such compassion get jettisoned when it comes to religion? How can so many, who can so acutely see such abuses, become so blind so quickly to them when it’s over religion?

If our forefathers taught us anything, it’s to value freedom and fight tyranny in any form. Tyranny is no less tyrannical because many support it, and a nation where laws can be so flippantly disregarded is no nation at all. In the name of our forefathers, of our nation and its constitution, and of course in the name of true freedom over tyranny, every patriotic American, every REAL American, should steadfastly oppose such measures proposed by Mr. Soliz.

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  1. I’m shocked at the ignorance of a Council member as to the laws of this great nation.
    You shock far too easily, Have you noticed that about half the people in the U.S. Congress don't have a clue about the First Amendment?

  2. Well of course I'm not really shocked. It was for effect. ;)

  3. I knew that. My comment was for effect, too.

    But don't you think it would be nice if we were really shocked when we discovered an elected official who's ignorant? Actually, I'm shocked that we have a few people in government who aren't ignorant. But don't ask me to name them offhand, because I'd need a few hours to think.

  4. I second Larry. To be shocked that officials in local government are ignorant is to be shocked at the sun rising in the east. I am not usually one for fat jokes, but it was mildly amusing that the first sentence below the enormous picture began, "With the weighty decisions the Victoria City Council makes, …"

    When I was a kid, no one ever questioned the concept of Separation of Church and State in school. Apparently, that has changed somewhat. Considering that we are living in the least religious time in American history, it is strange that Gomers nationwide are climbing all over each other vying for the title Religious Prick of the [insert governance unit here].

  5. Sometimes I can't tell if officials are truly ignorant, or merely feigning it to get elected and/or stay elected.

  6. Desertscope – I also remember a time when American schools proudly taught church-state separation and lauded it as a good thing, a great American value, in fact.

    Are we sure that the current era is actually "the least religious time in American history?" It seems to me that one might be able to make a case that the Revolutionary era was less religious than our current age. Note that I said "religious," not "superstitious." I wouldn't be surprised if many relatively poorly educated people in the 18th century held many strange superstitions, but it may be incorrect to assume that all of those ideas were religious. I may have to do some research on the matter, unless someone else has already done the work.

  7. Sometimes I can't tell if officials are truly ignorant, or merely feigning it to get elected and/or stay elected.

    You're an idealist underneath your cynicism. It's impossible, you seem to be saying, that an ignorant asshole could be an elected or appointed official. To have attained power, a person would have to be evil, hypocritical, crooked, a manipulator of some sort, something other than just plain stupid.

    I'm older and far more jaded than you are. While I do think that there are plenty of manipulators involved in the electoral process, I'm not convinced that they're the candidates, themselves.

    Remember: A person can think that he or she is merely playing stupid, but still really be stupid.

  8. A person can think that he or she is merely playing stupid, but still really be stupid.

    Does that description fit any recent American presidents?

  9. I think it's more paranoia than idealism, because when I encounter extreme stupidity by someone in a power position, I fear it's a clever feint.

  10. you made me say it!!!!

  11. Say what?

  12. God is an imaginary robot, a vapor bot, a halfbaked self-inconsistant notion cooked up by cavemen, something that hasn't even been fully invented yet….yup, God.

    On another note, I'm listening to a soundtrack called "The Art of Analogue Diversion", and I've got so much nihilistic euphoria surging through my mind right now that I think I'll continue doing stuff that a giant evolved turing machine like myself does best….doing stuff, lol, except for happily doing stuff now. If it were not for the complete pointlessness of life I could never be simultaneously this bored and yet also so productive at the same time. It gives me the incentive to set impossible goals for myself, such as trying to become the first multi-trillionare and the greatest inventor of all time, or something, lol.

  13. When you set goals, you give meaning to your life, and thus cease to be a nihilist. Existence has no inherent meaning, just as things don't have names. We infuse everything with labels and meaning.

    That electronic stuff can be trippy, but if you want really wild, try hunting down some early Ozric Tentacles.

    [youtube 3SNk-iXVEfw youtube]

  14. Nice music Phillychief.

    Nihilism is about being creative and honest….I add onto that a little rational self interest, but in order to be objective (the next level above being honest) I need goals that can be quantized. Money can be quantized, as can fame. Nihilism is the realization that achieving my goals is pointless, same as everything else is pointless too, and thereby I am achieving pointless goals. It's fine though, I don't give a shit, I've got nothing to lose anyway and the only thing I've got to gain is the realization of whether my goals have gotten achieved or not before I die, perhaps in the distant future. Oh yeah, time spent alive is another quantifiable goal, thus I decide to eat healthy and excercise regularly as well. (I could make eating 50 McNuggets a goal, but it's desire that drives me toward my pointless goals, I don't desire to get fat).

  15. How does desire work? Who cares, I'm a Nihilist, I just go after whatever the random chaos in my brain desires, as does everybody else apparently, only difference is that my random chaos of a brain is a little more orderly than everybody elses and therefore I am a "better" individual because of it.

  16. Are you using an xkcd definition of Nihilism?

  17. No, but I think you are

  18. Well, it does fit my wordview, but it doesn't seem to really fit what most people think being a nihilist means. Wiki says about existential nihilism:

    Quite simply, nihilists in this respect believe that the only purpose in life is to live it.

    I prefer Luke's (over at Common Sense Atheism) label of 'enchanted naturalist' because I would add 'to live it well.'

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