Real American Sermon

I came across this ridiculous article from Texas where some fat, ignorant Councilman is proposing starting meetings with a prayer. As obnoxious as that is, the article was worse, suggesting the only obstacle is merely upsetting atheists, and then there are the ignorant commenters. So I figured for this red state full of “real” Americans, [...]

Pretty In Pink

Sometimes the religious are so ridiculously delusional that their antics top some of our best attempts to imagine what they could possibly do. Case in point, getting freaked out over pink Ouija boards. Yes, we’re used to them getting bent over virtually everything being satanic or as the Waterboy’s mom would put it, “the Devil”, [...]

Christian “charity” in Haiti

Well we non-religious make a stink about the strings usually attached to Christian charity such as proselytizing to those in need receiving the charity. What a horrid thing to have to sit through that shit before you can get something to eat or drink. Granted, some are kind enough to simply plague you during or [...]