Religious fanatics need art classes


I’m sure you’re familiar with the above image, one which many in the world think warrants “revenge and blood” from this pleasant looking old guy who drew it, Kurt Westergaard.


Well some jackass tried yesterday and failed. Now exactly what common ground are we to find with these people? Please remind me again, and exactly why we need to be tolerant and respectful?


And I’m not just talking about Muslims, as this asshat demonstrated. Of course, thankfully, he didn’t have an axe and knife.


When we see images mocking the stuff we like, sure, it might be aggravating, but does it provoke us to violence? Better question, should we all be sympathetic to these offended folk and their need to violently lash out, or expect more civilized behavior and self control? You know where I stand. Hell, if you don’t like something, retaliate by making something more clever and attention grabbing, like this example where artists turned white supremacist books into an art exhibit. Of course the offended might be lacking in the creative expression skills, though. I do remember when I was in college getting an angry phone call from someone offended by a cartoon of mine in the paper. I suggested they create one of their own and I offered to make sure it got published in the paper, but the offended guy replied with a sad voice, “but I can’t draw like you.” Luckily though, he never paid me a visit with his buddies Mr. Knife and Mr. Axe.

Maybe the religious fanatics in the world just need some classes in the arts. Maybe Knifey McAxe could create an interesting piece, perhaps a performance piece, to showcase the evil of the infidels rather than having to get all choppy and stabby.

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15 Responses to “Religious fanatics need art classes”

  1. Taking art classes and developing skills takes discipline. That sort of discipline is not a strong suit for many of the faithful; that's why they like being told what to believe and how to behave.

  2. Many of my students lack discipline yet also don't like to be told what to do or how to do it. What do I make of that?

  3. You make a mark that looks like an "F."

  4. "Behead those who say Islam is violent" – classic!

  5. I can't take credit for any of the images for this post, but yes, that one is a classic. There are some amusing ones out there, amusing in a sick, thank goodness most of those freaks aren't around here kind of way (sorry, Europe).

  6. Yes, well that opens up another can of worms.

  7. Doncha just love irony?

    (and I should have checked here before I posted today. I hate to duplicate TSA. :) )

  8. I would take a crack at it if I cared enough to portray religions in some way or another. I realize that all religions have contradictions about what constitutes morality as well as all other kinds of contradictions and shit too. The main thing is whether it is an efficient use of time to attack religions when in fact people like being lied to.

  9. The main thing is whether it is an efficient use of time to attack religions when in fact people like being lied to.

    Reminds me of the joke about Snow White and Pinocchio…

  10. You don't even need to repeat the punchline. The old jokes are the best. o.0

  11. I can't help but wonder though if that was just some smart-aleck who infiltrated the protest because he thought it would be funny.

  12. As you are offering the art classes for the learners of the art this is good one opportunity to those who are having the interest in that they can get the batter things with the visiting of the place. Hope they will learn allot from there.

  13. Every religious have their own aspects and I think we should not talk about any other religion because we have our own. People used to say wrong things about Islam but I believe that it is the most peaceful religion existing in this universe.

  14. You make a mark that looks like an

  15. Wow

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