Gratuitous Display


If Chaplain can do it, so can I.

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9 Responses to “Gratuitous Display”

  1. Shameless pooch!

  2. Girl gone wild!

  3. It looks even more vulgar when you censor it.

  4. Great shot. She's a beauty.

  5. You know what I do when I hear censored music? I switch channels.

    By the way, can you guess where our culturally ingrained fear of genitals comes from?

    Such a mind parasite. :)

  6. Well you can't hear censored music because it's , well, censored. If you don't want to hear censored music, guess what? It's your lucky day!

    Fear of genitals? Religious prudishness.

  7. I mean, songs with some words removed / censored. Those words were put there for a reason. They are an integral part of the whole…

    I just don't like the mindset that tries to distort the view of reality into something more comfortable, thereby lying to itself. You know where this path can lead. That's what this picture reminded me of.

    Anyway, nice blog. I'll keep reading. ;)

  8. That is the most hilarious and cute post that I have seen on this website and this dog is really looking cute. I really want to see more about this dog and hope you are going to share more about it.

  9. So adorable!!
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