Church baits men with football

Here’s a new entry into the ‘ends justify the means’ category, football themed church service. That’s right, in an attempt to bring more men in for church service, this New Jersey church had football banners hanging in the lobby, sanctuary and from the ceilings, a tailgate party with the usual stuff like sandwiches and hot [...]

Humanist Symposium #46

I’m fortunate that nearby is a wine store which has afternoon wine tastings every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (that’s right, no Blue Laws here in Delaware). I’m rather fortunate to have such opportunities to both have choice selections made and presented for me and of course to actually sample them. There are many wines today [...]

Stranger in a strange land

On top of everything else, I’ve been rather preoccupied this past week since Momma Chief went into the hospital. This event brought the tribe in from all corners of the prairie which is very nice but incredibly surreal for me. You see, most of them drink the Jesus Juice, the evil fire water, and they’re [...]


I rode home yesterday sitting next to a handicapped guy, because in a way, I’m handicapped, too. You see, at the front of the train there are two benches facing one another set much further apart than the rest of the benches to make room for the needs of the handicapped meant to sit there. [...]

My Magical Healing Powers

There’s an epidemic at my university, and it’s probably at a lot of other institutions, homes, and so forth. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen stricken, unable to work or function. Swine flu? Oh no, that’s kids stuff. I’m talking about laziness. I’ve got people everywhere I look exhibiting symptoms. Who’s missing [...]