Wrong on both sides

Quite a head scratcher here the other day in Philadelphia. We had Geert Wilders of Fitna fame come to give a speech, invited by conservative Republicans. You see as good Christians, they love anyone who not only bashes Islam, but actually is working to outlaw and censor it, which is what he’s trying to do [...]

Lacking Empathy

I still get asked to explain how the Christian variant of the Golden Rule discourages empathy, even though I wrote this before. That’s fine, I can elaborate if need be. My last prompting was from an anti-gay Christian going by the name of Barb who couldn’t fathom how the CGR discouraged empathy. The Christian variant [...]

Disengaging the auto-pilot

Have you ever tried to show someone how to play a video game you especially like and when asked how you do certain things in the game, you can’t answer at first? Did you have to actually do it and look down at the controller to see what you’re doing in order to answer? How [...]